Nirvana School is visited by a number of volunteers who help out for a couple of days or for many months. The time they spend at the school is fun, rewarding and educational for them and everyone at the school.

Volunteers can get involved in various activities depending on their areas of expertise and interests. Each volunteer visit is unique as it really depends on how much you’d like to get involved and in what areas. What’s consistent is that your time is greatly appreciated and your efforts create clear, direct, and visible improvements.

Past volunteers have helped teach various subjects, organize the library, create new activities, play games and even paint the school playground. Other volunteers such as Umesh, have played a leading role, teaching at the school for many months and setting up the school’s computers.

Examples of volunteer activities

  • Help teach English as a second language
  • Observe teaching methods and suggest improvements to increase the sophistication of teaching techniques
  • Help improve the management systems and administration processes within the school
  • Create teaching aids for the teachers and homework handouts for the children
  • Help teach classes such as art, handwriting, math, sports and others
  • Plan special activities and field trips
  • Help with sponsorship follow-ups

Volunteer costs
All volunteers visit Nirvana school at their own expense for travel, accommodation, food, etc. We can assist you with information on how to plan your trip in terms of where to stay and what overall costs to expect, and give you any other travel information you may require.

Information and application

If you are interested in applying, please email your completed Volunteer Form to      nirvanaschoolindia@gmail.com

You can also email nirvanatrustindia@gmail.com with any questions.