Nirvana School is supported by families and well-wishers from many different countries, making it famous worldwide. Thanks to their generous help and donations, we’ve been able to expand the school in various areas. Below are some of the main projects we’re currently working on.

High School expansion
Nirvana School is building a new High School section on our newly purchased land, around the corner from the main school.

  • Stage I will include three new classrooms and is expected to be ready by the end of 2010
  • Stage II will add Four more classrooms
  • Stage III  office Rooms for Principal, Headmaster and store room
  • Stage IV Multi purpose hall
  • Stages II, III and IV will be undertaken as soon as funding is secured.

Nirvana Group of Education expansion
In addition to Nirvana School, we also run the Nirvana Group of Education which is a Community Education Centre. The Centre offers various courses such as English, computers, sewing, and more to adults in the area. It also offers tuition classes in various subjects to children from nearby schools. At the moment, we’re expanding the centre and require funding to:

  • Build a new classroom to hold language classes
  • Renovate two flats for volunteers
  • Landscape areas in front of the centre to provide a safe play area and pathway
  • Create a garden with trees, flowers and other greenery

If you’re interested in donating to either of the above projects, please email Mrs. Samani at