To give underprivileged children from the local community the opportunity of almost free education in a privately run school offering a high standard of education and personal development.


For our students

  • To provide a high standard of education for local children from nursery school to high school
  • To follow a Government-approved state board curriculum, emphasizing English in all subjects to enable the children to communicate globally
  • To charge only a monthly fee so as to enable the poorest children to attend the school, without having the parents depend on charity
  • To provide educational assistance and financial support to top students to continue onto higher education
  • To organize evening coaching classes for children
  • To encourage young students from around the world to actively participate in the education of Nirvana School children
  • To provide basic evening computer classes with certification free of charge 

For our teachers

  • To provide employment opportunities with a good salary for quality teachers and nursery assistants
  • To provide a unique opportunity for volunteer students and teachers from around the world to exchange experiences
  • To give Nirvana School teachers the opportunity to communicate with people from different countries and cultures

For our community

  • To distribute basic foodstuffs such as rice, sugar, oil, bread and other supplies to the poorest families in the area
  • To assist with donations to nearby orphanages and homes for the aged
  • To hold free eye clinics and finance eye operations for local residents when needed
  • To help local cow owners by supplying special high protein food for the cows which helps in better milk production
  • To help local villagers in any way possible during the rainy season and in emergency situations such as flood and fire
  • To provide jobs to labour workers
  • To help upgrade living standards for the local people