A Typical DayThe Nirvana kids arrive at school by 8:30am every day. The school provides a free school-bus to pick up and drop off children living within a 5 km radius. Some children share a rickshaw ride into school, others get dropped off by their parents on their scooters and some walk or cycle into school.

Each day starts with morning assembly at 9am in the front courtyard. During the assembly, the children pledge the national anthem, say their prayers, exercise, get the day’s news, practice English conversation skills and welcome guests, if any. On Mondays, there’s also a flag-raising ceremony during the assembly.

After the morning assembly, the children split up into their classes until 12:30pm when they break for a 1-hour lunch. They bring their own lunches, but the school provides milk and biscuits during morning and afternoon recess periods. After lunch, it’s on to more classes until 3:45pm when the school day ends. After that, some of the children go on to after-school activities.

Examples of after-school classes

  • Karate
  • Tabla (Indian drum)
  • Visual Arts
  • Classical Dance
  • Marching Band (Performs at special events such as Annual Day)
  • 15-minute meditation (twice a week)

Once a year, the school holds special activities such as Yoga and Vipassana meditation for the children. The school also takes the kids on educational tours.


Sports Day
Every February, the kids participate in Sports Day where they compete in various activities such as three-legged races, bean bag races, musical chairs, dodge-ball and more.

Annual Day
Every March, the school holds an Annual Day celebration where the children get to dress up and perform various cultural and musical items on stage. All parents are invited and prizes are awarded to the children for academic achievement and best behavior. 

Children’s Day
This is celebrated annually on November 14th which is Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday. The kids engage in academic competitions where they have drawing and writing contests, and more.

Teacher’s Day
This is an annual event celebrated on September 5th which is Dr. Radhakrishan’s birthday. He was the first president of the country and a former teacher. During this event, Nirvana kids hold a cultural show and fun activities for teachers. Recognition awards are also given to the teachers at the event. Gifts are organized by management for teachers.

Independence Day
On August 15th, Nirvana kids celebrate Independence Day with cultural activities and various competitions in writing, drawing, speeches and more.

Republic Day
This event is on January 26 and children engage in cultural activities and various academic competitions.

Parents/Teachers Meeting
The school holds one annual meeting and two open-houses during the year.

Mothers’ Morning
An annual get-together at the school for Nirvana mothers to socialize and talk about their children’s education. This also provides the staff with an opportunity to get to know the mothers better.