Most of the children who attend Nirvana school are sponsored by people from the UK and some from Europe,

USA, Canada and India. We depe

nd on regular sponsors for each child

to receive education from nursery school to high school. We also rely on donations to help maintain the school and to fund current and future projects.


The cost to sponsor a child is £80 (British pounds) for one academic year. Occasionally sponsors also s

end their

children other gifts and le

tters on their birthdays and other

occasions. Many sponsors have visited the school to meet their children and volunteer their time as well.

What it includes

The annual sponsorship fee enables a child to receive the following during the school year:

  • Full-time schooling
  • A set of shoes and two sets of school uniforms
  • School supplies including a schoolbag, textbooks and stationary for six exams
  • Access to the computer lab, science lab and library
  • Funding for extra coaching, extra-curricular activities and events throughout the year

Sponsorship also helps the local community by creating employment for teachers and other staff. Donations also help us provide assistance to under-privileged families in the surrounding rural areas when necessary.

There are 380 children attending Nirvana school at the moment of which 140 kids are in Nursery School, 180 in Primary School and 60 in High School.

r now
To sponsor a child and to find out more, or to sponsor a teacher, please email Elumalai at nirvanaschoolindia@gmail.com.

 Already a sponsor?
Thank you to all our current Nirvana student sponsors. We appreciate your ongoing generous support which goes a long way to assist our students, teachers, staff and the local community.

If you have any questions about your sponsorship or the school, or if you might have lapsed in your sponsorship payments, please email us at nirvanaschoolindia@gmail.com.