How You Can Help

The school is run mainly through charitable funding, so every contribution helps. Whatever you do or give makes a huge difference to the Nirvana schoolchildren, teachers and local community.

Sponsor a student
Nirvana school students rely on regular sponsors to receive education from Nursery to 10th standard. Our scheme is to sponsor each child and give them access to equal education.

We now offer you a chance to sponsor a child on a monthly basis by setting up a Standing Order from your bank. Please download the sponsorship form to send to your bank from the link below:-

Nirvana School Sponsorship Standing Order Form  

Sponsor a teacher
The school is also now looking for teachers that can be sponsored to teach in classrooms of 25 students.

Donations help to maintain the school and for future projects and expansions. Whether small or large, each contribution makes a huge difference to the school.

Fundraising is another way to help Nirvana School. Many groups have held events to help fund various projects.

A number of volunteers visit the school each year. The experience is incredibly rewarding and extremely educational for both the school and the volunteers.