Feb – 2013

6 teachers visited again from American School London (ASL) and this is a video from their visit:-

June – 2012

The school reopened on 4th of June after the break for the summer holidays. 65 new children admitted this year. High School children from 6th – 10th standard moved to the high school building and are excited about their new, bigger classrooms. All the students and teachers are looking forward to a good year.
Play ground fencing was washed out by the “THENE” Cyclone in December 2011.We are trying to fix the playground fence.
The high school construction project is now well under way! Several classrooms have been built and the roof is now being developed. The children are still working hard and we are all glad that our school is being improved!

July -2012
Teachers and volunteers have recently been working together to create a tree plantation in the playground.We have planted 70 saplings. The space will allow a shady and pleasant area that can be enjoyed by present and future students.Each student who has planted their own tree will be responsible for tending to its welfare. We look forward to the benefit brought to both the students and our environment by the new tree plantation!
Since the school has opened four volunteers from Manchester University, UK– Ash, Juliet, Nina and Rollo – and Gemma from Durham University. Together they are volunteering for a sum total of five weeks and have been helping teach English, French, maths, football, piano, dance, yoga and meditation to students of various ages. In addition, UK charity, Lifeline – Mrs.Madhaviben Vadera have brought with them ten volunteers of higher secondary age who will be helping teach children through interactive activities.