In addition to individual child sponsorships and donations, Nirvana School also receives gracious support from organizations such as One Cause, The American School in London (ASL) and The Phoenix School in London

ASL Affiliation
In March 2005, Nirvana school was visited by six teachers from the American School in London. Arvind Devalia, a main volunteer at Nirvana, had convinced one of his friends, an ASL teacher, to join him on one of his volunteer trips to Nirvana. Since then, close links were forged between the two schools and now ASL sends six teachers to teach at the school for a week every year.

ASL has donated numerous items to Nirvana School over the years such as uniforms, stationary, books and many other teaching materials. They’ve also introduced new teaching methods and helped refine the students’ spoken English skills, which is a big focus for the school.

ASL’s 2010 Visit
ASL teachers – John Smithis, Matt Kish, Arlene Duff, Annabel Smith, Jenny Seeds and Lesley Leo visited Nirvana School this February to volunteer their time for a week during their winter break. Everyone had a great time during the visit and took away a lot of fond memories.   

During their stay, the teachers taught the kids English conversation, handwriting and sports and helped out in other classes. They also held a workshop for the teachers and they took the kids on a field trip to the beach. They also brought over new Sports uniforms for each student, donated by ASL. The uniforms were presented to the kids on the teachers’ second last day at the school during the morning assembly. The kids love their new uniforms and proudly wore them on their annual Sports Day on February 26.

The ASL teachers also visited a nearby government school where they donated stationary and other school supplies.

Nirvana School students, teachers and staff would like to thank the ASL teachers for graciously donating their vacation time to assist us for a week and for the wonderful gifts they brought with them.

One Cause Support
One Cause is a UK-based charity committed to raising awareness and funds for the provision and advancement of education to communities around the world that have little or no access to meaningful education. The organization was started by Nishi Nathwani, Rajen Shah, Minal Nathwani, Nisha Khiroya and Kishan Vasani who were inspired to start their own charitable organization after some members volunteered at Nirvana School in 2004.

Their aim is to provide a socially, financially and environmentally self sustaining model so that local communities are empowered and equipped to pursue a more prosperous and sustainable future. One Cause worked with the School in 2005 to raise funds to purchase land for a school playground. Their goal is to work alongside Nirvana School to assist in various areas to make a tangible difference to the local community.

Currently they are assisting Jenem Cards, a greeting-card company started by former Nirvana students Elumalai, Jeeva and Selvam. The cards are hand-painted by current Nirvana students and 30% of the profits on the sale of the cards go towards helping the school. One Cause is currently creating the Jenem Cards website.

The Phoenix School in London

Nirvana School has been linked with the Phoenix School for the past few years, and within that time they have supported the school in a number of ways. There have been a number of visits from the headmistress, deputy and teachers. They have brought a range of materials to help the schoolchildren, including phonics booklets.

The parent’s guild donations have helped Nirvana to renovate a large multi-purpose hall which is a great space and provides a place where the whole school can come together for many events.

 We hope to continue the progress that they have made and have a long-term relationship with the school.